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CryptoCurrency – Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular currency in the world known as Cryptocurrency. The first bitcoin issued in 2009. While That It was not worth much, so they were saying that you can use 10,000 Bitcoins to buy just one hamburger! Which does not exceed 3 dollars !.

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The best trading strategies in free access

SmartFX develops and provides its traders a full range of high performance tools, Each tool is conceived for a fast and efficient use. New tools are regularly released to be dicovered on SmartFX

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Membership Club - The bonuses by SmartFX

Adpated packages for every trader. Student, prefessional, investor, etc. Maximize your portfolio profitability thanks to customized privileges.

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Mobile Trader - Trade anytime

Get easy access to your trading account since your smartphone or tablet. Perform investments, visualise your current operations, even while you are not home. Take advantage anytime of the day, of the financial markets opportunities.

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SmartFX- security and reliability

SmartFX insures a totally protected and safe browsing. The trading platform reliability is guaranteed by a SSL process, providing a high level of control (level 5).

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